Say goodbye to season sensitivity, choose the right electric shaver for Dad

Editor:Zhejiang Yasun Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-11-16 

Shaving is like a must-have adult ritual for men. Content is more important than form, and the method determines the outcome. Everyday I see a dad who uses a manual razor is bothersome and laborious. When the season is changed, the skin will be sensitive and itchy because of the blade pull. In order to bring care to Dad, it is a suitable electric razor. He is!

Looking at Dad's daily hard work with a manual razor, it is not only time-consuming, it is often necessary to change the blade, but also with the shaving cream shaving foam, it is easy to scratch the skin. As children, we should start with these details and choose a suitable electric razor for the father who has spent the rest of my life, which is the perfect solution for these troubles, isn't it?

In fact, electric razors have become more popular among middle-aged men in recent years. The tremor of the razor can activate the meridian qi and blood, enhance the functions of the lip muscles and the crunch muscles, and exercise and increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. However, the chemical element nickel used in the razor is allergic to a small percentage of men. The skin around the mouth will itch for a while, and if the surrounding skin is damaged, it will increase the absorption of nickel. Therefore, if it is a season-changing man, it is recommended to choose an imported electric shaver.